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Our Services

American Improvement Services Specializes in both commercial and residential storm damage restoration with a focus on roofing. We offer free damage assessment inspection, and our experts will walk you through the entire insurance process to get your home fully restored with almost no cost to you, or we will work with you directly to meet all your roofing needs for competitive pricing from a company you can trust!

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Full roof replacement

For customers that have extensive roof damage, we offer full roof replacement.  We will guide you through the whole process.

Free roof inspections

ALways FREE!  We want to help our customers take care of their roofs.  If you ever suspect signs of damage, call us for a free inspection.

Adjuster meeting

WE are available to be on site during the insurance adjuster meeting in case there are any questions about the damage we found.  We will only engage the adjuster at the request of the customer.

Roof repair

It is important to fix minor repairs before they become major repairs.

Insurance claim filing

We can help with the insurance claim decision process, as well as guide you through the steps IF an insurance claim is the right decision.  We are careful to prevent unjustified insurance claims.

Commercial and residential

OUr experienced contracting teams have capability and demonstrated success with improving commercial and residential roofs.